In the previous blog, you read about the different types of SEO. If you haven’t then click here to read it.

Let’s discover the different parts of SEO in this post. The first & the foremost part would be content.

Content plays a major role in SEO. With the increase in the use of organic way of marketing, marketers are concentrating on curating high-quality content. I’m sure that you must have come across the phrase “Content is King”.

seo content
It definitely is.

Doing SEO without content is liking driving a car without the engine. You just cannot move an inch unless you struggle hard to push the car.

The different forms of content are


seo content types
Blogs: A blog includes information in a particular niche, it typically doesn’t consist of more than 800 words.

Ex: Assume that you own an apparel e-commerce website. You want to educate people on different types of wearing a scarf. Hence you write a blog called “how to tie a scarf”.

Articles: An article is also the information in a particular niche but it provides extensive knowledge when compared to a blog. An article should be a comprehensive or a mastery guide.

Images: You can use an image as a content in many ways. Using images in the blogs and articles gives it an SEO boost.

For example

  • A simple text image with quotes.
  • You can include images in the blogs and the articles.
  • You can simply post an offer and add a related image on social networks. Etc.

Videos: In the recent past, video engagement has increased tremendously on social networks and other marketing channels. People tend to get more convinced with the videos. Along with the images, including videos in blogs and articles also gives an SEO boost.

Infographics: In 2016, there was a rapid increase in the usage of infographics. Since infographics is a way of visually explaining the concepts it helps people understand easily.

Webinars: A webinar is a seminar conducted online. Usually, they are live videos but sometimes if the recorded video is uploaded, you can watch it anytime. Webinars can be a great content to engage customers and promote your products/services.

There are many other forms of content, we’ll study thoroughly in the coming blogs.


Some Technical Part