Social Media Marketing is just another type of marketing. It is the art of earning more traffic to the website. The main objective of SMM is to boost the brand awareness and social presence.

Popular social media channels & why you should use them for marketing


Facebook has the highest number of the social media audience. Yes, to be precise its 1.86 billion monthly active users.  With the accelerating number of users & with wide-range of facilities available to market your business, Facebook is something you want to count on.


Many of us must still believe that Google+ is just another social media, but it isn’t. Despite the similarities, it shares with other social platforms, Google+ has its own advantages when it comes to search ranking opportunities on Google, i.e. SEO. Since Google+ is a product of Google, it significantly helps the content on Google+ to show up on the search engine.


Being the most influential social platform for companies & individuals, LinkedIn can be transformative for B2B companies. LinkedIn stands no.1 for B2B marketers. According to Salesforce, 62% of business owners use LinkedIn. And it shows all proofs of developing extensively as a profitable business tool.


Twitter maintains its uniqueness by balancing personal as well as business use. Every social media has its own advantages, with twitter you can build relevant followers to your business in the fastest way. Using twitter as a marketing tool helps in establishing high brand awareness and also it’s easy to engage with your target audience.


When you can’t express in words use images. Instagram is popular for showing the content visually through images, videos, gif’s etc. People are much interested and tend to engage more with visual content rather than text. With Instagram you can be creative as much as you want, there’s no limit.

Social Media Marketing Guide 

1. Set specific goals for social marketing

Setting social media marketing goals helps a business to market effectively as well as efficiently. Without the goals, a business will not reach the right audience.

2. Build a strategy for social media

A business without a strategy for social media marketing is like, a man wandering in the forest without a map. You will never reach where you want to be. Social media strategy is the best way to accomplish social goals.

3. Social listening & engagement

Active social listening & engaging with people is equally important as building goals & strategies. With engagement comes credibility, with credibility your customers grow.

4. Social media optimization

Optimizing your social media so that it’s highly visible to people on social media is Social Media Optimization. SMO helps in boosting the visibility & strengthening the brand.


Some important Tools for social media marketing:

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite allows you to post the content over all the social platforms by scheduling in advance. The user interface is quite easy & pricing is a bit high when compared to other competitors.

2. Buffer

The buffer is my favorite social scheduling tool. It has almost all the features of Hootsuite. The pricing is affordable when compared to Hootsuite, the basic plan for an individual is free. The analytic feature is simple and has a clear interface.

3. Sproutsocial

Sproutsocial is also a social media management tool. You can start a campaign, schedule the post and publish across all platforms. The pricing is quite affordable considering the features given.


IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”, there are set of instructions called “recipes” that are already created using which you will create a task. For example, if somebody follows you on twitter, then you can send a direct message to that person by setting a recipe.


Social Media Marketing is the new ‘Word of Mouth’. There is no alternate for social media marketing for individuals and business. SMM has become a necessity. The sooner you realize the importance of SMM, sooner your business will grow.

Hurry up! to start building the brand by signing up on social networks.